Tree Safety Checklist

Tree Safety Checklist

A quick guide to assessing the safety of your trees

Do the trees on or near your property show any of the following warning signs?

  • Visible signs of decay or cavities in the trunk or branches
  • Any signs of branches dying back in the canopy
  • Any root damage in the last ten years
  • A history of falling branches
  • Any dead branches hung up in the canopy
  • Any fungal fruiting bodies attached to the trunk or branches
  • Any signs of termite activity
  • Unseasonable leaf drop or flower production
  • Large heavy branches that don't taper off in thickness towards the end
  • Any cracks or splits in the trunk or branches
  • Any unusual swollen areas at the base of the trunk

This checklist is not designed as a complete tree assessment but it may alert you to potentially dangerous conditions that warrant your seeking professional advice.

If any of these possible problems are present in your tree, you should contact us. We will be able to evaluate the tree for problems. Some problems, when found early, can be fixed. We will inform you of any problems found and the possible remedy.

If you wish to have a Hazard Tree Evaluation done, contact us at 804-387-0660 or e-mail Joe at for an appointment.